[Harp-L] Re: The Cruncher is DONE

After all this time and what it takes to build a project from scratch, I am  
proud to announce an amp that can play for a dinner crown yet compete with two 
 guitar players, all with tone first. We are working up the price which for 
an  amp of this versatility and quality, will be reasonable. What I have heard 
for  the past many years is make the holy grail of midsized amps, now here it 
is  . At only FORTY pounds, 22.5 x 21 x 9.5. - 10, the amp has  European 
capability at your fingertips. The amp's controls are  treble, bass, middle, bright 
1 and 2, and normal volume 1 and 2. What's missing,  the presence, which we 
internally set at 4, that control does not make or break  an amp. Wattage, 
probably in reality a strong 30 watts, but when you can get  most of those watts 
with variety, the sound you hear is more like 40 if you want  it. I have 
started the setup in preamps so you can feel the amp right away,  patch the channels 
so it is a Steroid Sonny. From there we developed another  complete manual 
specific for this amp, and you can try many different sounds to  marry you with 
the amp with ease. All this is being pushed through a Weber P10Q  smooth cone 
and a specially designed for us Weber 12" smooth cone. The amp has  Sooooo 
much natural bite you generally keep the amp with middle close to 2 - 3,  bass at 
10, then treble let your good sound  be at around 3, and when more  
projection is needed, just 1 - 2 notches up on the treble. Once I get some in  the 
field as with the other near 100 reviews, I am confident this one will get  the 
same. We are in our first 10 build so I cannot quote anything yet. But don't  be 
alarmed. For something that has broken the barrier, it will be well worth its 
 price. Any Serious questions let me know. I also try and stock the highest 
grade  vintage controlled magnetic and reluctance to help match you with the 
amp. You  can contact me to talk deposit and possible lead time. Once word gets 
out I  think we will be very busy. I have the first 8 that gave deposits would 
come  first of course. Thank you for your support. As usual it will be in 
hard shell  beautifully tweed, with a unique logo. Hopefully will talk to serious 
inquirers  soon. Sonny JR

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