Re: [Harp-L] Looking for new inspiration

drori hammer wrote:
<For many years I have listened to all the traditional blues harp players (as well
<as modern-day blues traditionalists), but I feel I want to hear what the "cutting
<edge" of diatonic harmonica players are doing. Can anyone suggest some good
<albums (or downloads) where I can hear good "modern" diatonic playing 
<(E.G - use of overblows, different positions etc.). I have been listening a LOT 
<lately to "Satan and Adam" and Carlos Del Junco,  but I`d like to hear
<others as well

If I may be forgiven this self-promotion, you can hear full-length samples of my solo harmonica work at:

These pieces explore alternate tunings, wide intervals, and real-time counterpoint on the diatonic, and are recorded without overdubs.

At, you can hear streaming audio of some very electronic harmonica stuff.  I recommend "Pull of the Moon" and "In the Thick" in particular as examples of fresh harmonica sounds.  Most of the instrumental parts on these pieces are played on diatonic harmonica, though it's not easy to tell in many cases.

Regards, Richard Hunter


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