Re: [Harp-L] Looking for new inspiration

In addition to the others already recommended...

Other favorite harp players that I always like
to recommend are
Peter "Madcat" Ruth, Norton Buffalo, and PT Gazell.

Awesome players with different styles and sound.

After going to the Buckeye, Jimi Lee has become
another one of my favorites.  He's a cool music 
harp machine!

Ken H in OH

--- drori hammer <drori_hammer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi 
>   For many years I have listened to all the
> traditional blues harp players (as well as
> modern-day blues traditionalists), but I feel I want
> to hear what the "cutting edge" of diatonic
> harmonica players are doing. Can anyone suggest some
> good albums (or downloads) where I can hear good
> "modern" diatonic playing (E.G - use of overblows,
> different positions etc.). I have been listening a
> LOT lately to "Satan and Adam" and Carlos Del Junco,
>  but I`d like to hear others as well
>   Thanks for any suggestions
>   Hammer
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