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What a  great experience this year's Buckeye
was, in large part due to the efforts  of Jimi Lee, who, as he aptly
stated it, wanted to "bridge the gap" between  the diatonic and chromatic
players.  During my attendance at past  Buckeyes and SPAH, it was always
a bit disheartening to witness the two  separate festivals that seemed to
take place simultaneously.  The  diatonic guys and the chromatic guys
seldom interacted, and almost seemed  somewhat hostile toward each other.

It's great to see someone attempting to once again bridge the gap that had  
closed during the "Golden Age of Spah" (1996 - 2000), widening again beginning  
in 2001 to chasm status as outlined in tmcg's posting.
You go, Jimi.
The Iceman

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