[Harp-L] Hohner's Warranty

Since we are sharing stories about Hohner's warranty I
thought I would put my two cents in.  I'm a happy customer.  I took this quote from Hohnerʼs USA website.

"Hohner harmonicas are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects and
properly tuned at the time of purchase.  Any instrument found to contain
manufacturing defects or other noticeable imperfections will be, at Hohner's
option, repaired or replaced at no charge providing the harmonica is shipped
prepaid to the Hohner Service Center.  


Hohner harmonicas are not warranted against wear, accidental
damage, negligence or tampering."

I did get a bad Marine Band in a music store and sent
it back to Hohner in Virgina, as per the instructions in the package.  I
was rather unhappy and tried to trade it for some plates in exchange.  No
go!  They gapped it and sent it back to me.  I'm glad they didn't
take me up on my request to swap it for some plates.  It is still playing
like a dream.  The point is that I
didn't take it apart because I didn't want to be accused of tampering with it,
and I really didn't know that it was a problem with the gap.  The screws and
nails scared me so I didn't even look.  I'm fully capable of gapping a
harmonica, but a professional at Hohner did an awesome job for me for free.  I think that it is pretty much the consensus
in this forum that nails and screws are a bad idea.  It my case, they cost Hohner a lot of trouble.  I wonder how many other people just send in
their Marine Bands rather than take it apart themselves.

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