[Harp-L] New Richard Hunter piece at Broadjam.com

Hi all,

I recently recorded a very brief blues instrumental called "Lightnin Bounce"--40 seconds of harp, bass, and drums.  You can hear it now at http://www.broadjam.com/rhunter.

This piece started as a solo harp jam that I recorded live on my Zoom H4, using the builtin mics, in my kitchen one day while I was waiting for a cup of coffee to brew.  I took the resulting track into Cakewalk Sonar, edited it, put an amped sound on it with a VST plugin called Freeamp2, added bass and drums (via a plugin called EZDrummer), and voila.  

Hope you enjoy it.  Let me know.  I may record a longer version based on these ideas soon.

Regards, Richard Hunter
latest mp3s always at http://www.broadjam.com/rhunter

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