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Well, respectfully, I assert that advertisement I had read at the time of
purchase stated the contrary, that is, that the harp was named in the key of
its "cross harp", or "2nd position" key. I can't tell you who made up the
advertising, since it was years ago, but that was the case. I bought it at a
"Sam Goody" store in Westminster, California, and the advertising brochure
seemed to have been provided by Hohner.

Which then leads one to pose the next logical question,,

If it is not in the "cross harp key", then what would have been the purpose
be of naming it such?


p.s.,,where are MY three free Sp20's??,,hehe,,

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> On 4/23/07, Bob Laughlin <rlaughlin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Contrary to what has been said here, none of my Hohner Pros have had
> > reeds" or been out of tune from the box. I did have one Hohner "Cross
> > that was not in the key it was designated to be on the harp. These harps
> > advertised as being in the key, cross harp, that they are named,,so an
> > harp should play, cross harp, in the key of "A", etc. This one wasn't,
> Hi Bob,
> Cross Harps are, just as any other Hohner Diatonic, labeled in the key
> of the first note blow, that is, first position. The name Cross Harp
> is a catchy name and does not have anything to do with the key
> labelling. But sure, I had never thought it this way, this can be
> confusing and it seems reasonable to expect the Cross Harp to be
> labeled in the Cross Harp key, not in first position.
> Cheers,
> Fernando
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