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Many claim to be able to hear differences until asked to record their perceptions under controlled conditions. Then they cannot demonstrate the ability that they claim. No one who wrote down what they heard on the data sheets got appreciably more correct (50%) than would be expected of random guessing. That seems to me to be a far cry from "twice as loud". If the sound were indeed "twice as loud", then everyone should have gotten it right almost every time. The ones who claim extra sensitive ears should have gotten them all correct! In many instances the listeners would say there was a difference when the same harp was played twice or three times in succession and vice versa. I still have the data sheets.

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Dear Winslow & list...
The two chromatics back at SPAH '97 were a regular black plastic Hohner
CX-12 and a Siegrried's CB-12 custom version of the same chrom with brass
covers... It was probably twice as loud as the original plastic one.
I remember because it was me playing them!
All the best
John Walden

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