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I agree. Pretty short-sighted and definitely not friendly to their customers. I wonder if some idiot at Hering thinks he's really sticking it "the man" 8^)
From what I can gather (through the aid of the comical translation I have to
resort to) is that Bertolozzi is pretty high on having cracked the Chinese market. Oh well, ... still like their Vintage 1923 harps.

Staggerin' Jim

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The domain name registration was due for renewal on the 21st and they didn't
renew it. All it really means is that they have no further use for that
domain name. Looks like they will consolidate their web presence at - at least for the time being.

given that it costs maybe $5/year to register a domain name, it seems
pretty silly, from a business point of view, to have let that go. they could
have just had it redirect to their preferred address.

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