Re: [Harp-L] Harmonica repair... with the lights off

It all depends on how serious you are. Or lucky. One of the best -- if not 
the most complete -- repair video sets is by Rupert Oysler. 
Ruper Osyler offers an oustanding two-volumn DVD on how to repair harmonicas. 
Check out  _ (  for 
details about the video. The video covers all kinds of things you re interested 
in. Or you could send your harmonicas to him and get it done right. He does 
repairs. The videos are available in VHS and DVD, the web site says.
Contact info:
Rupert Oysler 
1815 Hardin RD. 
Boone NC 28607
Phone: 828-262-1088 

_orupert@xxxxxxxxxxxx (mailto:orupert@xxxxxxxxxxx)  
By the way, the videos "Harmonica Repair and Modification" and "How to 
Customize Your Harmonica" may be available at some on-line harmonica stores. Rupert 
was at the Buckeye fest and you could have gotten one from him at the Columbus 
gathering last weekend.
Phil Lloyd 
contributing editor emeritus
American Harmonica Newsmagazine
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btrainham@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

I have two Steve Baker specials, both in c, and both with a reed I've
apparently abused into abjection of flatness. 
When you all speak so knowingly of the insides of harps, their various
components, customization... I wonder if you think it's possible for
someone to properly treat/maintain these parts without eye-sight. 
(Sorry, that was a half-question/half-statement of my penchant for
If not, does anyone know anyone else... around Austin Tx who might
have an interest in helping me out with this sort of thing? 
I'd gladly pay if the compensation wasn't any more than the price of a
new harp.
If so... "Where do I begin?"... 

Brad Trainham

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