Re: [Harp-L] Some advice on going into a recording studio with a jazz singer please

On 4/22/2007 4:46:58 PM, dennis moriarty (dmoriarty@xxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> If this singer was so enamored with that one Magnatone song should I
> bring the Magnatone and the delay with my mike or record clean and
> let the recording tech post-produce the tone coloring.

Absolutely. Your strength in this outing is what the singer liked about your sound and style. If that's how you produced it, no matter 'how' you produced it, don't risk denying her the exact quality she's looking for. You can always stow it if it doesn't work and go with the engineer's way of doing things. Also, bring whatever else you can manage to haul, because you never know whether other gear and props will be inspiring for the project. I don't play out, but my son recently got a similar gig... for one tune. As he brought other options to the table, they ended up using him for several cuts instead of just one.

Another idea is to schedule extra end time if possible. That way, if they decide to use you further, you can avoid having to leave for another gig or appointment. Not only that, as my son also found out on another session call last week, if you have the time to stick around, there is a wealth of information you can absorb just hanging about and observing the process. New ideas may even surface from watching and listening as an accepted guest.

Also, did or will you get a contract? A receipt? May sound cold-hearted, but it really matters. It also shows you're professional, and rather than appearing difficult or arrogant, studios and other artists will respect you for dealing in a business-like manner, AND as one who values his own talents and contributions enough to be taken seriously. Don't let flattery pay for anything.

BTW, I found your music on MySpace artful and intriguing. Lots of new stuff floating about in there. Seems you have lots to offer and room to grow, too. Very nice.


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