Re: [Harp-L] SP20 vs. Pro Harp - observations & questions

Hi Ron.

It seems to me that you are comparing a Pro Harp MS with an old
Special 20 MS. Then your comments would make sense. One way to check
this is to compare the combs of both harmonicas. If both combs are
identical, then you have 2 MS harmonicas, and the difference is merely
the special surface treatment on the Pro Harp.
Or you can check the pictures at our website:

The Special 20 MS has been out of production for over 6 years.
Nowadays we only have the Special 20 classic, which is the one you
will find on the website.

The classic line of harmonicas and the MS line do have different slot
geometries, which means that Hohner does have 2 completely different
sets of reeds, one for each line. Thus, MS harmonicas behave
differently than classic harmonicas, some people preferring one over
the other, and the other way around.

It might be possible that you have gotten an older Pro Harp. The
quality of all Hohner diatonics has improved considerably over the las
2 to 3 years, specially the MS line.


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