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I concur with Garry.  I've had much better luck with the Big River harp. My 
one and only experience  with a Pro Harp went like this. I bought one in F for 
a gig 'cause they were  out of Special 20's and I had to have one right then. 
I played the gig with it  (one song in C I think) and it wasn't great, but 
better than most of the other  harps I had tried in comparison to the SP 20. I 
was teaching a friend at work  so I took it on Monday to show him that other 
keys besides C and A are cool to  play, but a different technique sometimes. When 
break time came he asked me to  play it so I got it out and started rippin', 
bending the hell outta the 4 draw  when the reed broke off and hit me in the 
back of the throat. I've never had a  problem like that before and at that time 
I had been playing harp for  about 29 years. One time trying to imitate 
Alanis Morreset (and get a laugh) I  played so hard that I put a reed out of tune 
but that's it. I called  Hohner and they acted like I had some kind of scam 
going and hung up on me. If  I could find something that I liked as much as an SP 
20 I'd never play a  Hohner again. Over the years I know I have bought at 
least 200 SP 20's, at  least. I'm very soon going to get some Seydels and see if 
that is finally the  harp I can drop the Hohners with. I hate rude people.
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>   This may be a lemon  of a Pro Harp, but judging by this one  experience, 
> obviously  i would avoid Pro Harps in favor of SP20's. 

back when i was  experimenting to see what kind of harps i liked best,
i bought a couple  of pro harps (Bb and E, i think).  and i concur that
they just don't  seem as good as a special 20.  i like the black finish,
but they  always felt sluggish and unresponsive.  i did manage to tweak
the Bb  into a pretty good harp, but it took some effort, and i still like  my
others better.

this is one of hohner's MS series.  i think  if i wanted an MS harp i'd go
with the "big river", at a little more than  half the price.

Garry Hodgson, Senior Software Geek, AT&T  CSO


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