[Harp-L] 60s pop harp

Many recent posts have appeared on Beatles and Millie Small. Harp in those days was a rare gem but was highlighted by British bands besides Beatles. Such as Rolling Stones, Animals, Pretty Things, Yardbirds, Who, Manfred Mann (Paul Jones) and numerous others. Millie earns a mention but not so sure if it was Rod Steward who played harp on My Boy Lollipop.

Of course the harmonica was also present as a *real* instrument in those days. SBW, BW and LW were around as were Junior Wells and Paul Butterfield. But anyway, pop music gave a contribution to the harp as an instrument. One of the most moving and nostalgic songs is the Kinks' "Got Love If You Want It" where Ray Davies probably has his first try at recording diatonic.


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