RE: [Harp-L] Excellent presentation of Musical Notation and HarmonicaTablature Sheets

Well "an inspiration" is far above what I was shooting for, which was more like "not being considered spam or junkmail"...

My original e-mail had a slight typo regarding the tab rulers--that was for all 12 keys. I have not discovered a 13th key.

I have however recently tried my first wood-combed harp (a Hohner Marine band)--I can't say I personally have any comb preference (or notice any differences I'd attribute to the comb) other that I think it looks a lot cooler to me than my Special 20. What happens to all that plastic when the comb gets discarded--is it recyclable? "The Green Harp" -- there's your next marketing niche. Comes free with the purchase of any hybrid vehicle...

-Marc Molino

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Subject: [Harp-L] Excellent presentation of Musical Notation and HarmonicaTablature Sheets
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Thank you for posting this information (links). This is an inspiration to learn!

Thanks also to Vern for sharing a wealth of information on how harmonica and other reed/wind instruments produce sound!

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Subject: [Harp-L] musical notation and harmonica tablature sheets
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I don't know if these are helpful to anyone, but I've worked up a
series of
visuals as I've been learning the relationship between the diatonic
harp and
standard musical notation. Feel free to use as you see fit (educational
materials, holiday gifts, tinder, etc.). I've had a few veterans give
feedback and correct my errors, but if you see any others, don't be shy
(probably don't have to worry 'bout that on this list, eh?)!
-Marc Molino

Natural Notes for All 12 Keys of Harmonica

Complete Chromatic Scale on a C Harp

Diatonic Harmonica Tab Rulers (all 13 keys)

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