Re: [Harp-L] Do it yourself customizing questions

Dave Murray wrote:
> I'm going to convert some Marine Bands to screws. Some questions...
> 1. Is 1-72 x 3/8" an appropriate size screw (reed plates & covers 
> w nuts)?


> 2. Looking at bee's wax. Not sure how much (volume) a pound is. 
> How much is needed (dunking)?

A pound is plenty, but I'd advise using urethane instead.  It's a 
lot safer to work with and gives a better seal.  You can get food 
safe finishes at any word working shop (though not at Home Depot or 
the like). 

> 3. Opening covers by bending the apron under. Does that weaken the 
> cover (might want to play in rack)?

Pound away.  Some other designs might be stronger before the 
peening, but the MB has no cover supports anyway....


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