[Harp-L] Some advice on going into a recording studio with a jazz singer please

Hi. I've been lucky in the last year or two to come out of the closet and get back on stage here and there. Relative to some of our regular players (n.y.c.) around here, e.g., D. Gruenling, W. Schuman, S. Guyger, etc. I'm a lightweight. But my tone is good and I don't overdo it so I do get some kudos from other musicians. Other than the band stuff I do and the jams someone tasty has now offered me a nice job on her newest recording. Apparently she heard me on my amateurish web site and felt one of my songs (Marina: played through a little 1955 Magnatone with a Maxon analog delay) featured "very vulnerable" playing. She loved it enough to hire me for a song on her 6th album. So to the point: The last time I went into the studio some years ago I brought in a little vintage Sears tube amp with a bullet and I sounded pretty good but the tone was incongruent with the jazz people I was in there with. If this singer was so enamored with that one Magnatone song should I bring the Magnatone and the delay with my mike or record clean and let the recording tech post-produce the tone coloring. At this point- and I will talk to the singer more before the friday date to clarify the song style which will help answer this question- I'll bring along the amp and delay since it's a little 8 incher but presume for versatility I will play clean. any thoughts? Sorry for the long path to the point of this posting. dennis

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