Re: [Harp-L] Do it yourself customizing questions

<<<<From: "Chris Michalek" <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
you don't need beeswax or any other kind of gasket. What I explained the other night is the true secret to the customized harps and most customizers haven't been doing it. You can always tell you knows and who doesn't.

Just tweak the reeds like I showed you and that's 85% of it. folding the apron under doesn't weaking the covers. Go to lowes or HD and in the roofing section you will find the perfect tool bending the apron. It's used for bending gutters.>>>>

Thanks Chris,

And thanks again for the lesson in harp tweaking. My primary reason for thinking about beeswax is to prevent comb swelling since I slobber like a bulldog (must be the tattoo :0)). I don't want my tongue sliced up by a protruding comb.

Did you get a copy of the set from the guy that was taping? The parts where you sounded like a trumpet were quite amazing. I'm sure that the horn line oriented list members would enjoy hearing that, and flood you with "how'd ya do it" questions.

Peace and music,

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