[Harp-L] Young Lions

Allen Radcliffe-Holmes is another superb member of the "up and coming"
generation. I first heard Allen play in an impromptu blues jam session at
the Virginia HarmonicaFest about 3-4 years ago. I was absolutely floored by
his great tone, playing chromatic notes on a diatonic, and beautiful
phrasing. He's one of the nicest people you could meet. As I left the
session, I asked if he had any CDs. He did, and I bought it promptly. The CD
is "Doris in Mind". He plays wicked jazz on a diatonic. He also stuck a bass
harmonica piece on (an unmarked track) at the end of the CD. HE has added
doghouse bass, and sometimes plays from a rack attached to the bass.

1-2 years later, Jackie Merritt (Hampton, VA) and Sandy Martin (Virginia
Beach, VA) put together a series of seminars for harp players in the
Tidewater, VA area, bringing in different pros to teach the seminars. I was
fortunate enough to catch Allen at one seminar, and both Dennis and Allen at
another one. Absolutely amazing harp players, and excellent teachers as
well. If you get an opportunity to either hear them play or to participate
in a seminar with either of these two young fellows, JUMP AT THE CHANCE!
They both can "talk the talk" and they definitely "WALK THE WALK!"

Obviously a big fan!
Crazy ('bout harp!) Bob

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