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> Hi all
> I'm thinking of getting a new chrom, to play in the main 3rd position 
> bluesy stuff (lots of air and attack at times), although I can and do  on 
> occasion play in other keys with a lighter touch. Looking to spend  100 
> pounds or less, but don't want to be disappointed. Since I  switched to 
> wooden diatonics (custom MBs), my trusty CX12 seems,  well, plastic 
> sounding. Always loved that the slide never stuck and  the ease of bending 
> on it, but time to move on...

IF you didn't know that the CX12 had plastic comb and covers, it wouldn't be 
"plastic sounding" to you.  If  you are otherwise happy with your CX12, then 
my strong recommendation would be to stick with it and save the 100 pounds. 
The choices that you mention are not going to be perceptibly different or 
better sounding.  They may not be quite as loud because the shape of the 
CX12 cover projects sound well.

However, if you are determined to buy a new harp from the alternatives listed, my recommendation would be 
the Seydel Deluxe.  It is a nice tight harp and well tuned right out of the 
box. You'll be happy with it.  I have had one for about a year and it still plays well.  I have a 
Hohner 270 Deluxe and Herimg Special 48.  I have never owned a Suzuki 
or a Velvet-Voice and so I am not qualified to voice an opinion.

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