[Harp-L] Dennis Gruenling and other young Lions

Saw Dennis Gruenling and Jump Time last night with Gina Fox...they sounded
great, especially Dennis...as everybody knows, he is a great player...his
huge tone of course, and also his sense of swing, his phrasing. Defiantly
one of the very best blues harmonica players on the planet, again as we
all know. I just had a blast listening to him; it was inspiring and a
harmonica lesson  sitting there listening. The band did "Summertime" and
Dennis played it on diatonic, not sure of the position he used but what he
played was superb...certainnly one of the young lions of the harmonica.
The best of that generation that I've heard include, in no particular
order: Dennis G, Chris Michalek, Jason Ricci, Joe Filisko,...what about it
folks? Who are some of the other great players from that generation?[30
WVa Bob

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