Re: [Harp-L] comb material

> wish to argue is:  "Can 
> humans perceive differences in sound arising from
> differences in reed 
> material?"  My answer is that so far no one has
> demonstrated the ability to 
> do so. Anyone who can do it can win $1000 from me.

This is not the point. Maybe you play me different
harmoncias with different reed materials, and I tell
you what you played. 10 times in a row without
mistake. And I win 1000 dollars from you. Will that
change the fact that the audience will be unable to
hear the difference? No. It was just me who has an
exceptional hearing. I certainly get 1000 dollars
richer, which is a nice thing. But this is not
something what will improve the harmonica. Maybe if I
spend the money on further experiments :-)


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