Re: Re: [Harp-L] comb material

"Tim Moyer" <wmharps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Does comb material make a differnce?  It does to me.  In combination 
> with other factors, it changes the way I approach the instrument.  
> Can the audience hear it?  They can certainly hear the differences 
> in my style and approach.  Can they hear the difference in comb 
> material?  Depends on how you look at it.  

i understand your point, but i could make the same argument about the
color of the comb.  if i paint mine yellow, and that makes me really happy
when i play them, the audience will hear that.  the red ones make me angry,
and the black ones depressed.  and when i play the solid gold combs, it
makes my arms tired...

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