Re: [Harp-L] Re: Tubes with harmonica reeds attached

On 4/20/07, MilwHarmonica@xxxxxxx <MilwHarmonica@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Another Hohner Harmonette (1902) was a "mouth accordion," made for the
Spanish market.  It had 5 small megaphones attached to the reeds, 10 keys
(buttons), 20 reeds, 2 bass keys, a box and a trumpet mouthpiece. I'm guessing  that
it was a blow-only instrument.

Actually it was a blow and draw instrument, like a diatonic button accordion. I cannot play the button accordion, I always mix up when I should squeeze or pull the accordion. Curiously enough, it was very intuitive for me to play the mouthaccordion. Both instruments have the Richter tuning like a harmonica.


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