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What a thread...
  An earlier post on this subject was responded to off list (or so I thought) until I saw the same email posted on list.  As a courtesy, perhaps include the list address with mine so I am aware of the fact. My offlist response to the sender (Vern)  was because an obvious misunderstanding of what I said and meant.  I am now repeating again my point that a objective discussion requires defining terms so all are privy to the same diefinitions. Anything less only adds to extremism and fuels egos and misunderstandings. WIthout clear communication, what good is arguing a belief or "fact". Tim Moyer and several other writers made reasonable comments about bone conduction and how the brain fuses senses into a perception. This is an area science respects, explores and disusses outside of "mysticism, gauzy soul, etc." Scientists who can not listen without righteousness and condescension do no service to "science". My own experience is that the best teachers can share their knowledge
 without condescension and pride. That ablility to communicate is an art and a science. So much of the discussions that are on this list involve subtle and not so subltle condescension and ego tripping. 

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