[Harp-L] Re: comb material

"Mark Lavoie" <lavoie@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I did not expect or want anything. This was an EXPERIMENT, to see if there
> would be a difference, and there was. 

interesting experiment, but with methodological flaws.  you believed it 
would matter.  you knew which one you were playing, and that it "should" 
matter.  you then perceived that it did matter.

you might be right, who knows?  but the point is that this is not convincing
evidence for the rest of us.

> The difference was in tone and projection. These are simply the FACTS. 

no, these are your perceptions. potentially, though not necessarily, biased
by your beliefs.

> Just about ALL harmonica playeres
> who can produce a Solid, Fat Tone can hear the difference between Wood,
> Metal and Plastic comb harmonicas. 

so presumably those involved with the spah tests were in that tiny 
statistical minority that cannot.  i guess they needed a larger sample.

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