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Man, every little voice, alarm bell, and warning sign in my head is telling me not to post this..
...but I....just.....can't.......resist.......
I'm new here...and new to the harmonica scene...but given that there are those here with decades of experience that are firmly on one side of the fence on this issue, and others who are just as experienced on the other side, I will assume that my lack of experience isn't a factor here.  (Responses regarding the flaws of this pseudo-logical conclusion should be sent off-list lest we end up on some horribly unrelated topic.)
I'm oversimplifying it, but it seems like there are two distinct camps that make up most of those chiming in on this issue.  Those who *think* the comb material does not matter and those who *feel* it does.  Normally, being the...okay, never mind, I'll leave politics out of this and just say that normally I'd side with the *thinkers* and not with the *feelers*...but there's this nagging thought that just won't go away, and that is...
Why is the burden of proof on the "material matters" people?  Why is the prevailing position that the material doesn't matter until someone proves otherwise?  Why isn't it that the material *does* matter until someone demonstrates that it doesn't?  Perhaps an experienced player could record playing a set series of notes/techniques with a wood comb, then repeating the same with a plastic (or other) comb.  If the sounds are identical (or can even be made to sound identical) as determined by human ears, sound analyzing equipment, or some other measurement, then there may not be a difference (at least within the limits of whatever is used to judge them).  Record the passage a few times w/ each comb and completely randomize which clips are played.  (Okay, so the player might be able to compensate for the difference entirely through ability, or might subconsciously play differently...I admit, it's not a perfect plan, but apparently, neither are the previous attempts to approach this from the neighbor's pasture.)
So until someone does that, I'm going to stake my position on the side that *feels* that "comb material" matters (although I admit, I really don't *think* it does).
Jonathan "eh, what's that Sonny?  Speak up!" Compton

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