[Harp-L] Comb Material

Forgive me for posting when I have not followed all of the discussion of comb materials.
  I use Bushman and Hohner Special 20 harps most often. 
  When  players I respect said they prefer wood comb Marine Bands I would wonder if I was missing something.
  I thought part of the sound the player hears is partly due to bone conduction and the quality of feel of the comb as it relates to the different senses (sight, touch, feel in mouth-lips-tongue) which form a perception (in the brain/soul).
  Even the term music can be argued. Some in a discussion would require that to be music, the sounds must have certain form and follow certain rules. Others would call some sounds music without the same requirements.
  My point is that a lot of communication leads to misunderstanding because the basic terms are not defined explicitly in the context of the discussion. Many arguments I have had were based on asssumptions of what a word or term meant to me which is not always the same for another.
  My interest here is in harmony, I am a little fish in a big pond.

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