[Harp-L] I Want to be Seduced

Hi gang,

This has been rattling around in my head all week.
"I Want to be Seduced" is an old soft-shoe type
tune I remembered from a Leon Redbone cassette
recording I used to have called "Brand to Branch". 

Anyway, I decided to try it on harp and it lays out
amazingly well in 2nd position - though you really
need to control your bends on the 2 and 3 draw.
(Song starts on the 1 draw)

Then, attempting it in the 2nd octave proved
challenging as well because of the overbends needed
(7OD, 5OB, 6OB). 

However, my efforts have paid off as this is a very
cool song indeed. 

I'm wondering if anyone else out there has toyed
around with this oh-so-suggestive bit of Redbone

Harpin' in Colorado,
--Ken M.

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