Re: Subject: Re: [Harp-L] comb material

Zombor Kovacs wrote:

> So even myself am not sure, but putting the same reedplates on
> a metal comb makes the harp sound significantly
> different, at least for the player.

I think, to ask the player is not a valid test, because the player is
the most unreliable component in the chain - he is biased.
You can compare that with a test about "electro sensitivity" of people,
some claim to be sensitive for radiations from cell phones. 
When you ask them "Well, i switch on now, do you feel a difference?"
then they will confirm. When you don't tell them, they simply guess.

> Reed material? People say it doesnt.

Try the Seydel steel harp, and then compare it to a brass reed harp with
the same covers.

> Reedplate material? No.

If the gapping, the tolerances, the reed curve and the thickness of the
reed plate is the same - then the answer is no.

> Comb material? No.


> Coverplate material? No.


> Something must, because different harmonicas have a
> different sound. 

Yep. Try differently shaped covers. That's the main secret.


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