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It is not revolutionary harmonica players, its Revolution Harmonica. Of course, we will address revolutionary harmonica players (i.e., Little Walter, Howard Levy, etc.), but we are trying to show the world how great and how many facets the harmonica has.

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The point is.... if they are talking about revolutionary harmonica players then they should list them. If they were smart about it they would have listed just a few and not all the no-names or 15yr old has been or other idols that can't people

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>1) If you read the page on the harmonica doc website naming players
>interviewed it says A SAMPLE. Who knows who is on the entire list and who
>will actually make the final cut?
>2) Anybody who thinks this movie is about making these guys rich is
>sadly mistaken. Read their info, think it through and make your own decision
>as to whether you want to "donate" a song to the tribute.
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Harp-L is sponsored by SPAH,

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