[Harp-L] PFOS - Song Contest Update

Dear Harmonica Players:

We have followed all of the chatter today regarding our Song Contest. First, we appreciate all of the support we received. Second, the Song Contest was designed to promote the film and to give an opportunity to some harmonica players to have their original songs in a film - which we believe is really cool. Nothing more, nothing less. We did not realize the storm we were entering when we posted the Terms and Conditions which were designed to prevent legal issues in the future. Regardless, we are and always have been supportive and protective of the music, the harmonica players, and the people who have been interviewed for this film. So, for now, the Terms and Conditions will be removed (in the next 24 hours) for purposes of review. Please note that once they are reposted, the deadline for submission, July 31, 2007, will not change. Please continue to write and compose songs for the Song Contest within these rules (1) the phrase "Pocket Full of Soul" must be noticeable in the song (Pocket Full of Soul does not need to be the title of the song, but it can be.), (2) the song must premiere or feature the harmonica as the main instrument and/or utilize the harmonica for an amazing solo, (3) and must be of normal song length. Once the Terms and Conditions are back up, if you choose to submit your original song, that would be great and we appreciate the support. If you choose not to submit your original song, we also understand.

Thanks again for all of your support and interest in the project.

P.S. Sign up for email updates at www.pocketfullofsoulmovie.com.

Pocket Full of Soul: The Harmonica Documentary.

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