[Harp-L] Rack Mic Mod

Been a while and I hope all of you cats are doing well.

Regarding Buckeye Harp Fest.

Ok folks, stay tuned for Jimi Lee's new rack mic that I built him.  A quickly built prototype I made him for this show.  I had a minor surgery and it delayed the finishing touches, aesthetically speaking, but it's the tone I was after.
He received it today and he just called me to tell me that he is blown away at the grinding tone he's getting.  He said, "Watch out Paul Oscher." lol   Getting thick compression on a rack mic is tough no matter what, but Jimi thinks this is it.  But I'm not finished with what I think it should sound like eheheheh!

I'll be manufacturing these with light weight aluminum.  There will be 2 models fully patented with a secret smoking hot element and volume controls.  Jimi's mic is half Strnad and half something else as it was a prototype for tone only.

Jimi also received his new harps with stainless steel reeds, so check out what he'll be doing and sounding like.

tonefully yours,

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