Re: [Harp-L] Harmonica Doc...Two more cents...

Sure, but you don't have to think anyone is out to get rich on this to believe that the legal language being used is over the top. For instance, consider the fact that the way these rules are written, it appears that you sacrifice most of your rights to the submission even if it's not chosen to be featured in the movie, DVD, or whatever. Who benefits from this strategy? Perhaps it is simply the work of a lawyer trying to protect his clients with language that is all-encompassing, blanket coverage. I think it could at least be written in such a way that would include what rights you are not giving away and that you only are donating the material in the event that it chosen to be used in the movie -- or something like that. I'm no lawyer, but I'm confident that this is not a musician-friendly agreement as it's currently written.

- Slim.

Warren Bee wrote:
2) Anybody who thinks this movie is about making these guys rich is
sadly mistaken. Read their info, think it through and make your own decision
as to whether you want to "donate" a song to the tribute.


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