Re: [Harp-L] comb material

> tone.  That is because the 
> comb does not participate in the generation or the
> transmission of the sound.

I am not saying anything about perception. I was
talking about reflection and absoption. You cannot
simply ignore comb material. It is like ignoring cover
plate material. Does coverplates participate in the
generation of sound? What do you call generation of
sound? Are you trying to tell me, that if the comb is
made of jelly, or sponge, it sounds the same as if it
is made of glass? Such a statement would be
interesting. I have not tried, but I will. But I am
still not saying, that the audience can tell the
difference. I just cannot imagine, that comb material
has got absoultely nothing to do with sound. 
I have unfortunately no time, and money to do
extensive scientific experiments. Dont give me 1000
dollars. Give me a year without having to go to work
every day, give me some food and I will do it for
"free" :-)


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