Re: [Harp-L] THD amps

Which one are you looking at?

I've got a Univalve and it's amazingly versatile. It's like a laboratory -
add a couple (or more) of different speaker cabinets, and you end up with
the equivalent of dozens of different amps by changing preamp and power tube
combinations and messing with the various goodies on the amp itself. These
include: high & low plate voltage selection, "Attitude" which I'm guessing
moves the input signal up and down the response curve of the preamp tube
(effecting linearity), built-in variable "Hot Plate" attenuation for playing
full-out (and everything in-between) at lower volumes, and a "Noise Reducer"
that I've found reduces feedback considerably (but does affect tone.)

Every studio should look into getting one for guitarists - they could ring
up some major hourly charges from all the fiddling that can be done.
For Harp, the possibilities are a little more limited since the "Rock"
(highest gain) input might be ruled out. I just haven't found the time to
really get everything out of it and document the settings - not playing
amplified that much right now. But if I were to sell 75% of my amps, this
one would remain.

Sorry to go on - if this ain't the one. But if it is and you've got more
questions, don't hesitate to ask. Maybe some other people on the list have
one of these too (or the "Bivalve" version)

Staggerin' Jim
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Any one got an opinion about THD amps from USA

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