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Hey All, Richard,

In this day and age, I am no longer surprised by how many artists of repute would not only supply their music, free of charge, to a film of this type, but actually PAY to have their music in it. It's very normal. Besides, you can always sue later, that's what everyone else does! %^)
In the world of publishing, everyone is looking for a break. These days, even famous people are killing eachother for the opportunity to be heard, and spending quite a bit of their own cash to make it happen, when they're not in Africa adopting babies... The chances that a great track can take off and have a life beyond it's original purpose are much higher than, say, my CD's getting famous from iTunes.
I would gladly supply my own compositions to this movie for exposure, (and is he really asking for that, anyway?) but I haven't had the fortune to record anything with the words "Pocket full of Soul" in the lyrics. Actually, I prefer music without lyrics, unless it's unintelligible, ala Lighting Hopkins. I would compose three demos to submit to the movie in the hopes of one of them being chosen as the soundtrack, but I don't have time. I did just record a tune with harmonica called "Pocket Pool"! I wonder if that will count... Let me get the mp3 ready....

For those of you who do have the means, I suggest you get off your duff and snap to it, this film could potentially be viewed by a lot of people, and the opportunity to have your music be a part of that is not to be missed.

If you're making a living off of music, have an agent, lawyer and publicist who are advising you against this type of deal, and are making enough money from royalties to not worry about such trivial matters, then that's fine. But if that's not the case, put your ego to the side, get your four track out, and take a chance. If you think you can do better operating from harp-l and MySpace, best of luck.

My names' not on "the list" either... (what does that mean, really?) He was a nice guy, though. Maybe I'll get a quick glance at my unshaven mug saying something really embarrassing... that's usually how it goes...

Thanks for humoring me!


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You're asking for a song for a film intended for commercial release.
There are a lot of questions that go with that kind of transaction. For

Are you planning to own the copyright for the song, or just to license
it from the composer?
Are you planning to put out a soundtrack CD?
Are you planning to offer the composer royalties for the use of the song
in DVDs, or for use of the film in theatres and television?

Your intention is to make money from this film, I presume? In that
case, it's reasonable to ask whether the composer of the theme song will
have some share of the revenues, either up front (which apparently is
not the case) or on the back end (when the film has generated revenues).

It would be a little contradictory, I think, to make a movie that
celebrates harmonica players, and then use a song featuring harmonica to
promote the film--without any payment to the composer.

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