Re: [Harp-L] Harmonica Documentary Website Update

To give the benefit of the doubt to the film makers, perhaps it is a labor  
of love for them (almost anything promoting the harmonica to the greater  
awareness of the public IS a labor of love at this time) and they are not  
experienced/sophisticated enough to understand the professional picture,  therefore 
asking for "donations" to help make their dream a reality.
It sure beats the negative pre-judgmental mind set that they are  trying to 
take advantage in any way (whether they really are or not) - I suppose  it is 
up to every individual to decide how they wish to see this project.
I applaud and support any reasonable attempt to educate and interest the  
public towards what we, as players/promoters/hobbyists on this list already know  
and love.
Besides, if anyone has an issue with how they are creating, do  something 
better yourself rather than wasting creative energy trying to  discount their 
efforts (something I recently learned myself as a better  path to walk).
The Iceman

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