[Harp-L] Harmonica Documentary....I am honored and ashamed

I am honored to be on that list of those interviewed. I am ashamed of some
of the responses that I am reading.


I have spent more than a few minutes with these guys that are making this
film at SPAH conventions. They have put a lot of time and their own money
into this project. They are not putting out a greatest hits, best of the
best, highlights style movie. They are digging into the heart and soul of
the instrument. The instrument that is a world wide blessing to many, many
people. An instrument that is compact and affordable to almost everyone on
the planet. An instrument that cuts across many cultural boundaries. An
instrument that makes magical music in such a mysterious way for both the
experienced and the novice. The harp can be a true extension of the heart
and soul of the player no matter how many notes per second, what position
being played or how complex the score. Business type questions should be
addressed to the film makers off list. Sour grapes tirades become self
explanatory. This isn't a movie built to exploit egos, prowess and attitude.
It is a movie about something that you can carry in your pocket that can be
an extension of your soul. Music has been said to soothe the savage beast.
It's a shame when the beast rears its ugly head and fucks up the song being


Warren Bee


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