[Harp-L] 1956 Oahu Tonemaster

Okay folks ...

    My loss is your gain?  I have, due to pressing financial circumstances,
been obliged to offer my "baby" up for sale to a new home!  I have a 1956
Oahu Tonemaster for sale.  Blonde, with a cool purple window light.  All
tube, (2) 6v6 ... (1) 12ax7 preamp tube ... (1) 6sn7 inverter ... 1(5y3)
It puts out about 12-13 watts.  It has two channels, that are BRIDGEABLE for
phat sound.  Channel one is labeled "Instrument" and has two inputs ... one
of which can be used to send a small cord to the "Mic" input, as a bridge.
Each channel has separate volume controls, with a master "Tone" control.  It
has had caps replaced, about eight years ago.  At that time, there was a pot
installed to increase the plate voltage to the power tubes, to varying
degrees, for more overdrive, if desired.  It has a replacement Eminence
alnico speaker.  This amp KICKS ASS
for harp or guitar.  Comes with extra tubes and a homemade harp mic.  The
back is removed, but included.  It can be put in with friction.
Cosmetically, it's a bit rough ... but looks WAY COOL!
    Before you buy a "new" boutique/Chinese amp ... step up and see what
these amps are ALL based on!  This amp will come DIALED for harp ... with
extra tubes!  I'm asking $750, plus shipping and insurance.  This amp has
low hours, I've pampered it for fifteen years and I really HATE to let it
go, but c'est la vie!  I paid $450 for it at that time and have put
easily $250 in parts and service into it.  Only a harp player (or a savvy
lap-steel player) can truly appreciate this puppy.  I figured I would offer
it for sale here before putting it on e-bay.

Sorry no pics or sound-clips!  It's in a safe pawn shop, off the floor.  you
know what they say ... a piece of gear can't REALLY play the blues unless
it's been in a pawn shop!

Let me know ... Craig

Peace, Love and Freedom! - Craig

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