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I'm not out to bash the project, especially since I haven't seen the movie. A movie maker has limited time and resource with which to make a film, and decisions about what's in and what's out must be made. I'm certainly not going to bash the producers of this film just because I'm not in it.

My point is simply that it's reasonable and customary to pay composers who write music for movies, either on the front or back end. I've certainly seen "offers" to composers to write music for movies without pay, but in my opinion that's just plain wrong. Anyone who contributes to the success of a commercial project should be paid. Period.

Like I said, these issues become important when there's a potential for success--and I think everyone should plan for success. Certainly the producers of this movie are. Since the producer is offering only the chance to hear one's music in the film, I gather that whatever profit is made, the composer won't get a dime.

Good luck to the movie, and I hope it enhances the reputations of harmonica players worldwide. But I don't license my work to anyone for free, and I don't recommend that anyone else do so. Submitting a song for nothing more than the chance to hear one's music sold for profit by others is asking for trouble and heartbreak, roughly in that order.

Thanks, Richard Hunter

Chris Michalek wrote:
There are lots of issues that surround this whole project. Have you seen the list of Revolutionary players? Why is Richard Hunter not on the list? Why is LD Miller on the list? Hardly revolutionay!! Do people even remember who he is? Taylor Hicks is another flash in the pan player that can't play and he's revolutionary? Please....

Richard, I wouldn't expect any money from these guys. I was asked to travel to Los Angeles to be a part of this thing. I did it on my own time and dime... apparently being pretty much the only guy on the planet that uses advanced techniques AND a huge array of effects isn't revolutionary either.

I don't mean to take personal issue with the project but if it's getting the harmonica into the main stream then they are only fostering the rather poor image of the harmonica by showcasing unnamed players who can't play - ala LD Miller, Taylor Hicks, Les Stroud, Clint Black and well pretty much 2/3 of the right side of the list...

Obviously some players deserve to be on the list and I don't need to name them because we all know who they are.

This project has failure written all over it and it's obvious they don't trully understand harmonica and where it needs to go.

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You're asking for a song for a film intended for commercial release. There are a lot of questions that go with that kind of transaction. For example:

Are you planning to own the copyright for the song, or just to license it from the composer?
Are you planning to put out a soundtrack CD?
Are you planning to offer the composer royalties for the use of the song in DVDs, or for use of the film in theatres and television?

Your intention is to make money from this film, I presume? In that case, it's reasonable to ask whether the composer of the theme song will have some share of the revenues, either up front (which apparently is not the case) or on the back end (when the film has generated revenues).

It would be a little contradictory, I think, to make a movie that celebrates harmonica players, and then use a song featuring harmonica to promote the film--without any payment to the composer.

If the song becomes a hit, which is possible given its placement in a feature film, these questions would become very important indeed.

Thanks and regards, Richard Hunter

todd slobin wrote:
That is it. An opportunity for anybody, anywhere to have an original song in a that not enough?

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"todd slobin" wrote:

<Most importantly, we are promoting the song contest, Operation <Creation, to
<find an original song for the movie. The rules are simple---the song
feature the harmonica and use the words “pocket full of soul.” This is an
opportunity be a part of the harmonica revolution---we’re bringing the
harmonica back!

What's the deal you're offering the composer, other than the opportunity to have the song appear in the movie?

Thanks, Richard Hunter
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