[Harp-L] Harmonica documentary

Great website, hope to see the movie soon!

Cheers, Fernando


"todd slobin"
17.04.2007 07:26	

Harmonica Documentary Website Update

Dear friends, fans, supporters, and harmonica players:

We have launched the website for the film, Pocket Full of Soul: The
Harmonica Documentary. Please check out www.pocketfullofsoulmovie.com and
tell everyone you know to click on "Join Now" and fill out the "Revolution
Harmonica" page to receive updates about the film.

Most importantly, we are promoting the song contest, Operation Creation, to
find an original song for the movie. The rules are simple---the song must
feature the harmonica and use the words "pocket full of soul."   This is an
opportunity be a part of the harmonica revolution---we're bringing the
harmonica back!

Todd Slobin
Marc Lempert

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