[Harp-L] Little Charlie

I saw Little Charlie and the Nightcats at Chan's in Woonsockett last night. It was a great treat. Owing to the N'or Easter, the crowed was pretty sparse so the show was very intimate. Duke Robillard showed up and sat in as did Jerry Portnoy. Rick Estrin and Portnoy shared the stage for a number. All I can say is wow: double trouble! Talked briefly with Mr. Estrin about his Harp King. He lamented about how guitar players can so easily bury us ten-holers with the twist of a knob. Not so with the HK. It was set to 2 1/2 and was PLENTY loud. He said at 7 or 8, your ear drums melt-- actually that's not quote. His language was a bit . . . uh . . . more colorful. I was very impressed with the HK's bottom end, which I mentioned. He asked me if it was cutting as well. And yeah, it was. It's funny how we're all the same in the end. Because we really don't hear the music as the audience does it that question, "How'd I sound?" is on the tips of all our tongues. Especially when we encounter fellow harp players.


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