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I think the main reason that it seems no one is interested and no one is doing anything is because most of the people on this list are already fairly experienced (compared to the average) with the standard Richter (and variants), and have so much time invested, so much familiarity, and have gone through all the traps to get to a certain point of expertise, that there are some pretty heavy hitters out there, and they just haven't put in the time YET.

The exclusion would be Dave Fairweather, from whom I heard some pretty impressive stuff at SPAH Denver. Too bad he wasn't a feature. From what I have seen over the years, there are enough players who show expertise on standard tunings that I always questioned as to why the XB-40 was even needed. I put it in the same category as Lee Oskar harps. This is to say they are almost TOO good. And once you got used to playing mediocre harps and coaxing what you could from them, the XB-40 is too 'luxurious', does too much, and therefore you have to learn NOT to use all its capabilities.

After playing regular harps for years, I found that playing a custom almost made my whole world fall apart. What I had taken as good stock nice playable standard harps suddenly turned out to be a lot less than desired.


On Apr 16, 2007, at 11:57 AM, Zombor Kovacs wrote:

I am no good playing the harp (or maybe not yet), but
you guys out there why don't you do something???
This is a harmonica, which offers much more freedom,
and so few people are interested?


--- Tim Moyer <wmharps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Zombor Kovacs wrote:
I was looking for some XB40 clip. If there
is none with Mr. Epping, with somebody else.

How about Winslow's clip:


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