Re: [Harp-L] Seydel 1847 stainless steel reed harmonica

Thanks Joe, Big River covers do fit the 1847. You can bolt them straight up but then the leading edge of the cover doesn't engage the slot in the reedplate. It was easy enough to elongate the holes. No dice on the comb though. The spacing differs just enough that the reeds end up misaligned with the chambers. It doesn't actually appear that reeds would hit the sides of the comb tines. I'll bet the reed being centred in the comb slot doesn't actually matter all that much. I've got a bunch of the Martin Harmonicas somewhere. They are MS plates with a wooden comb made of doussie like the MS Blues Harps. I could use a Martin comb with the Big river covers and the 1847 reed plates and not have to do much to make it all fit together. Never mind, I just checked the slot spacing and the end reeds end up stranded. fjm

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