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I tended more toward Garry's reaction to the article (note: I am in Washington, commute by subway daily, and happen to usually dislike this particular writer's work). The violinist agreed to do an experiment the Washington Post pitched--he wasn't in it for glamour or money or sympathy, etc. It was an admittedly nonobjective experiment as it can't be reproduced and you can't really draw any concrete conclusions from it. He also didn't take money from anyone else as they usually don't let street musicians play where he played--they got special permission from the management of the building for this little experiment.

I thought the whole thing was fascinating personally, but I think it really hit on this notion of people being so caught up in their agendas and routines as to not even notice the world around them (especially, in terms of beauty). It may only relate to that location on that day, but probably holds some truth for many urban areas where the pace of life is quite hectic and people move about like widgets on the belts of an automatic factory floor. The other concept it hit on was this notion of the importance of context--how much of what we define as art, music, or high-quality anything is determined by what (and if) we pay for it, what label it has, who recommended it, etc. Take away the recognition of the name, the concert hall, and the price of the tickets and do people value or notice the same performer? On this day, apparently they don't.

At any rate, not everybody gets the same out of a piece of writing and just because it's in the Washington Post, doesn't mean it should move ya ; )

For as much as I like music, I'm almost ashamed of how seldom I go out and enjoy it live.

stopping and smelling the roses,
marc molino

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On Apr 14, 2007, at 6:52 PM, Garry Hodgson wrote:

Joe and Cass Leone <leone@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't have a lot of sympathy for a fellow playing a several MILLION
dollar violin

you're not supposed to have sympathy for him. you're supposed to have sympathy for people who have no space for beauty in their lives.

I wonder how this whole fiasco would have gone over in Chi, N.Y., S. Fran, Toronto or some other city with a busy commuter locale? How about London, Paris, Tokyo ? I mean, I'm not capping on the people of D.C. (I have a daughter there) but it's pretty intense up there.

it was a beautiful article. poignant. sad. i'm sorry you didn't get anything
out of it.

Gee Garry, I love you as a person because I have enjoyed your super brain over the years, and I'm so sure you're correct, but I thought it sucked. Maybe I was reading it (about 4 times) with a railroad tie on my shoulder?

Garry Hodgson, Senior Software Geek, AT&T CSO

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