[Harp-L] The Best Inline Impedance Transformer

After trying the Little Imp branded version, a plug extension from Greg Heumann, I would like to make the following observation, and recommendation. I never used it other than once or twice at home. It broke. Its not Greg's problem as he only onsells them, and it isn't really his business, if anything it was a straight out courtesy that he sourced it for me, and supplied it. The best place to put it is into the top of your amp, and then plug your lead into it, which makes it stick up way too high and subject to damage. Try an Audix T-50 K. It has a flexible 6-8" lead between the male portion that sits conventionally in the top of the amp, then a dongle of sorts, then the female bit. This allows your lead to sit in the top of your amp conventionally, and mitigates the risks associated with the "Little Imp". Here is a link to look at:
Tony Renshaw
Sydney Australia

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