[Harp-L] Re: Business

This is a very difficult business to make any money at, especially  when you 
don't sacrifice anything for the best possible parts, along with the  
extremely beautiful finish. My response from overseas is so much more positive,  the 
guys talk about life changing experiences, as they are stuck buying high  
priced store amps due to high duty taxes to ship an amp to them. One or both of  
the SJ1 sellers will move up to the 410, but hate giving up the tone monster the 
 SJ1 is. At 25 watts it was designed from the same PA heads Walter used where 
he  put the speakers on the wall. I am tying up the last stages of the 
Cruncher and  looking forward to presenting that. I also have 7 custom killer mics 
with hot  99H controlled reluctance, some black backs, in those nicely done 
'Turner 254  type shells, with jack under mic, V/C on back of mic. $250 is 
exactly what I  paid for the element and shell, I am selling them for the same. Also 
3  controlled magnetics from the 50's, the best ones, nothing but the best. I 
have  one or two in Turner Challenger shells where fin was taken down and mic 
spray  painted, one red, one deep blue. Can you imagine the value of my amps 
when I am  passed on, certainly an investment;

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