Re: [Harp-L] Masco Mu-5 needs a new cabinet

I checked on e-bay there is several cab's for fender that are being manufactured. They may be able to make your friends Masco.

Also if you or your friend have woodworking skills it might be cool to do a little experimentation with concern to speaker configuration (adhere to ohm values)and

wood type. The baffle board and cab density have a lot to do with the tonal characteristics as well if you decide to cover it cloth leather or fake fur (if yourPETA

sensitive). You could go from old school to .......dig this it out of Plexiglass (Quite dense) sand the inside with 600 sandpaper and install lights.

That's what the tuners do with there subs.

I've always wanted to take an old amp with a wasted cab and build one out of cherry or something. Stain it and use cane over the baffle board.

I guess I'm a little Old school......Later....................................................Dane Paul

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A friend of mine has a Masco Mu-5 and it needs a new cabinet. The original is just beyond saving. Could I get some ideas please.

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