[Harp-L] Rockin in the Rockies and psychics

If any of you will be a Jason Ricci's Rockin in the Rockies May 5-7 keep in mind that The Buddha's Groove will be playing at the hotel May 4.  Anybody that feels they can jam out with the group is more than welcome to join me on stage. 

I'm really excited for Rockin in the Rockies, this is the only harmonica seminar that focuses on imtermediate to advanced players.  If you want to get into a more modern sound that's not traditional jazz or traditional blues this is the event for you.  I'll be discussing the extended positions that are USEFUL in just about any form of music.  This event promises to be very "hands-on" and student focused.  YOU WILL BE AT THE NEXT LEVEL when you are finished with the seminar.  Jason and I do things that nobody else is doing and we'll show you first hand how to do and how to apply it to your situation.  

There will be two professional bands available The Buddhas Groove and New Blood) for you to employ your new skills. If you're local and want to bring your rig we will show you how to use it and help you get the best sound out of it. I will have my full array or effects for you to try through my set and yours.  Looking forward to seeing y'all in Boulder, CO.

On another note, I have added Wasayo and her professional psychic team to the buddha board http://www.galactictsunami.com 

Wasayo has generously offered to do readings for my music friends.  Feel free to ask about your personal life or your band.  Wasayo is amazing and she has been employed by numerous agencies to help solve very difficult cases. C'mon over to the forum and check it out.

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